Access4Kids: Increasing the Usability of Tablets for Children with Disabilities

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More great news in technology for the disabled population. Researchers at Georgia Tech are testing a device that allows disabled children to use pressure and not fine motor skill gestures to control tablet computers. The device contains three sensors that can be worn on the forearm or placed on the arm of a wheelchair. When differing degrees of pressure are applied or a hand is swiped across a sensor, the sensor translates it into a touch-based command on the tablet.

Ayanna Howard, professor electrical and computer engineering at Georgia Tech says “We can’t keep it in the lab. It doesn’t make sense for me to have one child, one at a time look at it and say ‘Hey that’s really cool’ and not have it out there in the world. The real goal is to make it safe and efficient so someone can make it into a commercial product.”

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