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Meg Johnson

One of the challenges that can be overcome with a little ingenuity and helpful tips is cooking from your wheelchair.  While some Wheelers may have customized kitchens, many routinely use common appliances and utensils to cook their meals safely.  And with access to your computer, you can learn a multitude of safety tricks, identify utensils now available to make cooking easier, and try out some new recipes as well.

  • Meg Johnson’s blog “SPINALpedia.com”  contains a video of her making Perfect Eggs, along with hints on how to handle eggs and hot food.
  • Shannon Minnick, a peer mentor at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, whips up a spicy fried chicken dinner – and gives us some ideas on working on a standard counter (36″), as well as operating her stove, and other helpful hints.
  • Imbonnie has some great youtube videos on Cooking Gadgets, and she demonstrates using them.
  • Linda tells her story and how she modified her standard kitchen to support her disability on her blog:  LINDAONWHEELS

These are just a few links with great information to help simplify your kitchen and support the Chef in you.  Cooking isn’t just for nutrition, it can be a satisfying part of your day, followed by a great meal.

Bon appetit!

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