Push Girls

Able Outfitters clothing line will be coming to market soon and it couldn’t be happening at a better time. Now more than ever, there is an awareness of the needs and lifestyle choices of people who use wheelchairs being brought to the attention of the public via the mainstream media.  We’ve seen it on the […]


The Rough Rider wheelchair, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of the wheelchair equipped in developing nations, where access to equipment of the sort is often limited. Designed to handle the landscape of mud paths to potholed riddled urban streets, this chair is ideal for the developing world. Through donations they are able […]


Good day world! We are Able Outfitters and we welcome you to view us through our process of growth. Our goal is to fulfill the need of providing fashionable and functional clothing for the wheelchair user. Please feel free to join our mailing lists as well as participating in our online discussions. Able Outfitters is […]